Sunday, July 22, 2012

U.S. Air Guitar National Finals at The Bluebird Theater

     Last night, The U.S. Air Guitar National Finals — the Super Bowl of air guitar competitions — took over Denver's Bluebird Theater as rock-stars-sans-guitars from around the country gathered to out-play each other and competed for a chance at the world championships in Oulu, Finland, on Aug. 24. The Rocky Mountain Regional and Wild Card Competition finished up Thursday at Bender's Tavern, and the over-the-top outfits, lightning fingers and rock faces were at the ready Saturday night for the battle to decide who shall rule over the (invisible) guitar gods!
     The following video is Ryan "Dreamcatcher" Layman performing his air guitar ballet on the "Everyday!" show (weekdays at 10am on KWGN Channel 2). This man is a a poncho.

     This year's national title was awarded to Airistotle -- born Matt Burns of New York City. The air-guitar player now heads to Finland for the Air Guitar World Championships. This year was the first year Denver hosted the finals, after hosting a regional event last year. Over the last two months, US Air Guitar held regional competitions in fifteen U.S. cities, where a panel of judges chose the best air guitarist. The regional winners were flown to Denver to compete for the national title.


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