Walk of Fame

    The Colfax Avenue Hall of Fame was established in 2004. The name was later changed to the Colfax Avenue Walk of Fame because it just made more sense. Hopefully someday soon we can get these local luminaries a star in the Colfax sidewalk!


2004 - Colfax Avenue namesake Schuyler Colfax - As Speaker of the House of Representatives he ratified the 13th Amendment to abolish slavery. First politician to introduce legislation for a Colorado Territory ("Colona") separate from territorial Kansas.

2005 - Broncos Quarterback John Elway.

2006 - Golda Meir (1898–1978) was an Israeli politician who helped found the State of Israel (1948) and later served as its fourth prime minister (1969–74). Raised on West Colfax.

2007 - Earth, Wind & Fire - Greatest funk band ever. Larry Dunn, Andrew Woolfolk and Philip Bailey, all graduates of Denver East High School.

2008 - Jack Swigert, Jr. - NASA astronaut, one of the 24 persons who have flown to the Moon. Graduated from East High School.

2009 - Author Sidney Sheldon, Academy Award winner for best original screenplay ("The Bachelor and the Bobby Soxer"); Tony Award winner (for writing "Redhead"); television show creator and writer ("I Dream of Jeannie" and "Hart to Hart"); best-selling novelist ("Other Side of Midnight"), 1934. Graduated from East High School.

2010 - Pam Grier - Actress. First Lady. Foxy Brown.  Graduated from East High School.

2011 - Don Cheadle - Recipient of multiple accolades, including two Grammy Awards, a Tony Award, two Golden Globe Awards and two Screen Actors Guild Awards. Graduated from East High School.

2012 - Judy Collins - Folk Singer. Graduated from East High School.

2013 - Ruth Handler - Invented the Barbie doll in 1959 and co-founded the Mattel toy company, born in Denver in 1916 and graduated from East High School.

2014 - Pete Contos - Restaurateur. King of Colfax. Pete's Kitchen. The Satire. C'mon now.

2015 - Philips S. Van Cisebest known for arresting and prosecuting the notorious "Million-Dollar Bunco Ring" headed by Lou Blonger, a story he recounted in his book Fighting the Underworld. Van Cise also waged battle against the Ku Klux Klan during his four-year term in office. His life was threatened, crosses were burned in his yard, and one attempt was made to kidnap him. 490 W. Colfax Ave. is named after him.

2016 - Minoru Yasui - most well-known for his courageous stand against military orders that resulted in the forced removal and imprisonment of over 110,000 persons of Japanese ancestry during World War II, but his entire life was committed to the defense of human and civil rights, and justice for all. 303 W. Colfax Ave. is named in his honor.

2017 - Rodolfo “Corky” Gonzales - Mexican-American boxer, poet, political organizer, and activist. He was one of many leaders for the Crusade for Justice in Denver, Colorado. Has a library named after him on West Colfax.

2018 - Marilyn Van Derbur Atler - Miss America 1958, Godmother of the "Me-Too" Movement. Graduated from East High School.

2019 - Pete Smythe - KOA Radio Personality and founder of East Tincup on West Colfax.

2020 - Billie Preston - Aurora cowgirl. Designed the "Welcome to Aurora" sign over East Colfax.

2021 - Dr. Charles Spivak - Started the J.C.R.S. on West Colfax.

2022 - Clint Eastwood - his films Every Which Way But Loose and In The Line of Fire both have Colfax Avenue cameos. Anyone spotted walking an orangutan down Colfax deserves this award.

2023 - Ron Miles and guitarist Bill Frisell, both went to East High School on Colfax, and played their first gig together at the Ogden Theater in 1994.

Coming soon...

2024 - The Gang of 19

2025 - Wayne Jakino - Father of Colorado's Gay Rodeo Association and owner of Charlie's Denver, a popular Capitol Hill bar (1981-2008).

Who would YOU nominate for the Colfax Avenue Walk of Fame? Write us at colfaxavenuemuseum@gmail.com.

Do you think we should induct Robin Williams for his dashing display at Mile High Stadium?


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  1. How about Tommy Ivo
    Ivo was born in Denver, Colorado in 1936. His acting career began in the early 1940s, with notable performances including Cousin Arne in I Remember Mama (1948), Joey in Prejudice (1949), and William Button in Plymouth Adventure (1952). In 1955 Ivo appeared as Shelby in the "Heart of a Cheater" episode of the Lone Ranger TV show. He also appeared in Make Room for Daddy as daughter Terry's boyfriend Walter in "Terry Goes Steady" in 1958. From 1959 to 1961, Ivo appeared as Herbie Bailey on The Donna Reed Show. Tommy also appeared in the 1950 film as David in "The Lost Volcano" with Johnny Sheffield. Ivo guest starred in an episode of the syndicated adventure television series, Rescue 8 and in two episodes of Leave It To Beaver. He also guest starred on the ABC/Warner Brothers western series, Sugarfoot and on the NBC western series The Tall Man. In several episodes of Father Knows Best, he played one of the Bud Anderson's friends. During the 1961–62 season, Ivo played the role of Haywood Botts in another ABC sitcom, Margie. In 1963 he appeared in the "Honeymoon Hotel" episode of the Petticoat Junction.
    In the late 1950s, Ivo raced a twin (side by side) Buick nailhead-engined dragster which was the first gasoline-powered dragster to break the nine-second barrier.[3]

    The car held the Drag News AA/GD et record at 8.69. The Twin Buick also was the first gas dragster to record speeds of 170, 175 and 180 mph which were Standard 1320 records as well. It was unique in appearance and won numerous races, including NASCAR's first National Drag Race. Later he designed a four-engine, four-wheel-drive dragster he called Showboat (with a quartet of Nailheads),[4] but NHRA ruled it the first "exhibition" dragster, and he was unable to race it.[5]

    In 1963, Ivo's Barnstormer, a nitro-burning 392 Hemi-powered slingshot,[6] purchased to replace the failed Videoliner,[7]) became one of only two seven-second Top Fuel dragsters, so he staged a Seven Second Match Race with the other, the Greer Black Prudhomme dragster, driven by Don Prudhomme – Prudhomme won.[8] During 1964, Ivo travelled to England, with Don Garlits and other racers, to participate in the First International Drag Festival, a six-event series that did much to promote drag racing in the United Kingdom.[9]

    During 1972 and 1973, Ivo attended 100 race meets; this record was matched only by "Jungle Jim" Liberman and Ed "The Ace" McCulloch.[10]

    He was inducted in the Motorsports Hall of Fame of America[11] in 2005 for his drag racing career.
    Ranked No.25 on the National Hot Rod Association Top 50 Drivers, 1951–2000.[12]