Diners and Drive-Ins

The Beacon Supper Club, once stood at 7800 E. Colfax Avenue, Denver, CO

1859-style food in 1959 at Bimbo's Drive Inn, once stood at 4151 East Colfax Avenue.
Home of the Bimbo double-decker burger.

 Chris Maurer's Town House Restaurant

Davie's Chuckwagon Diner - 9495 West Colfax Avenue, Lakewood, CO

The East 70 Drive-In used to be at 12600 E. Colfax Avenue, Aurora, CO

The East 70 Drive-In, Aurora, CO

 The Ellis Drive-In used to be at 11196 West Colfax Avenue.

 Gus Schwalb's Chat & Chew, once stood at 6000 E. Colfax Avenue in Denver, CO.

 Holiday Drive-In - "Open 25 Hours Daily" - Colfax at Cherry Street

 Holiday Drive In - 4595 East Colfax Avenue, Denver, 1956

 Pesco Pete's Cafe, once stood at 11305 West Colfax Avenue in Denver (now Lakewood), CO.

Taylor's Supper Club, Lakewood, CO

Tiki Kai Lounge used to be at 4151 E. Colfax Avenue

The West Drive-In (West Colfax Ave. and Kipling Street) was a single screen
accomodating 750 cars. It opened on July 17, 1948.

 White Spot Drive-In - 7785 West Colfax Avenue, Lakewood, CO

White Way Grill - This diner was previously located at 9842 East Colfax Avenue in
Aurora. It was moved to the Lakewood Heritage Center and restored to its previous condition.

 The Yucca - "Famed for Food" - 8975 E. Colfax Avenue, Denver, Colorado


  1. Wonderful postcard images Jonny! I took this photo of the White Way Grill at the Lakewood Heritage Center -- https://photos.app.goo.gl/OOy4XdEPRn3eedzE2. More restored Colfax buildings can be seen along the "Colfax Hub" -- https://photos.app.goo.gl/8vHbVjLLdkkxDxXA3.

  2. How about "the Turf Club," my dad owned it, at Colfax and Newland, I think. He sold the business about 1954.