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The Colfax Museum is in a 
State of Emergency
after a major flood hit 
Lakewood, Colorado!

Funds are desperately needed for cleanup efforts, to find a new, safe storage facility, and help towards our move back to Denver. We are a recognized 501 (c)(3) so all contributions are tax-deductible. Mail checks made out to The Colfax Museum to PO Box 460954, Denver, CO 80246 or use the Donate button. Thank you for your support and generosity!

The Colfax Museum is a History Museum dedicated to Schuyler Colfax and Colfax Avenue: the Longest, Wickedest Main Street in America that bears his name. The Colfax Museum provides an enlightening education regarding Colorado’s history along the legendary strip and showcases an extensive collection of one-of-a-kind Colfax items and curiosities.

Jonny Barber started in 2004, and began collecting Colfax stories and artifacts off the street from closing businesses — a street sign here, an awning there — until he had enough to open a museum in November 2017. The museum got its' start at Ed Moore Flowers and More, all thanks to owner Lydia Mary.

According to Denver Historian Phil Goodstein, "Having a Colfax Museum in a flower shop is just like carrying Posies during The Plague: it covers the smell!" At least we can say the space smelled incredible.

We were open for one day when an article about us ended up on the front page of the Los Angeles Times next to Charles Manson's obituary! We also received a Best New Museum mention in Denver's Westword Magazine.

Thanks to Denver's Westword for giving us the Best New Museum in Best of Westword 2018!
Things were humming along until Lydia got an offer too good to refuse for her building. Now gentrified out of Denver, the museum moved West to find a new home inside the Pasternack's Art Hub in the 40 West Arts District in Lakewood, Colorado. 

Despite our best efforts to get open, the Lakewood location ended up being in the middle of a floodplain, and after two substantial floods, we decided to close up shop and look for a safer, museum caliber new home. If you have or know of a great potential location for The Colfax Museum, please get a hold of us!

The Colfax Museum's original location in Ed Moore Flowers and More on East Colfax

Write us to schedule an appointment or if you have questions, comments, photos, film, video, stories, postcards, memorabilia, etc. to share at Thanks!

You can show you're one of the cool kids on Colfax and also support our work here at the museum by purchasing a Colfax Museum T-Shirt. Featuring the logo at the top of this page (created by the incredible Phelyx and printed on a high quality, very soft shirt), you can order the shirts in Navy Blue with gold-sparkle lettering for $25. Just send an email with your shirt size and color preference to We will send you an invoice. Once it's paid your shirt will be shipped ASAP. Thanks!

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  1. It's exciting to learn you have a museum in the works. Please add us to your email list. Our email for updates is

    I would welcome blog post you may want to share as you plan and execute; our blog portion will launch soon. Please visit our website to learn about 355+ Colorado Museums --

    Mike Macey

  2. Thanks Mike, we really appreciate your input. Your website is very cool and very informative. We'll keep you posted on our progress!

  3. The former PT's (Saturdays) might work.not sure how much space is needed.

  4. Aren't they planning on turning the old Saturday's into affordable housing?

  5. I was stationed at Fitzsimons from Jan 78 to Dec 80 and have driven up and down the whole length of Colfax lots of times. Hope to visit next year for the first time in 38 years!

  6. This has the makings of a very interesting museum. Please keep me posted on future developments. Please see our website promoting Denver/Aurora:

  7. Hello Jonny,

    I wasn't aware you had opened (see first comment above April 2017). I was visiting the Aurora Museum and the U.S. 40 exhibit when we bumped into Scott Willams. I saw many of your images and learned from Scott that you were open . . . congratulations.

    My wife Kathy and I are coming to your March 21st brown bag lunch/talk. We are looking forward to meeting you and scheduling a museum visit. We also need to add you to our website!