Historic Route 40

First receiving its' designation in 1926, U.S. Route 40 went all the way from Atlantic City, New Jersey, to San Francisco, California. Route 40 also ran the full length of Colfax Avenue on its' route from Aurora, Colorado, to the Rocky Mountains.
The California segment of U.S. Route 40 was given a sort of rebirth with the designation of "Historic Route 40" through that state.

In 1998, Eddie Lang persuaded the California legislature to designate Route 40 between Reno and San Francisco as Historic Route 40. Together with Trish Gray, the duo designed the signs and a program where local businesses could donate funds to have a sign erected near their business along the route. The signs can now be found throughout the California route and is a popular route for motorcycle clubs and other travel enthusiasts.
I propose that we, as Coloradans, do the same thing for the stretch of U.S. Route 40 that runs through our state, which includes Colfax Avenue.

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