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Anistacia Barber, co-founder of, is the fourth generation of her family to make Colorado their home. Her earliest Colorado ancestors moved here in 1910. She considers Colfax Avenue her beloved stomping grounds. She decided to use her Masters Degree in Ethnic Studies to document the ever changing face of Colorado's most famous Avenue.

Rock-and-roller and Renaissance Man Jonny Barber, co- founder and webmaster of, has dedicated a great deal of his life to living around, enjoying and serving the unique people and culture on Colorado's World Famous Colfax Avenue. He also launched The Colfax Museum in 2017 as a tribute to his favorite street.


  1. Love this site. Love that Colfax is getting love. I think of Colfax as a sweet sister gone a bit wild. She's got her ups and her downs. Sometimes she's beautiful, other times she's just like any other dirty blvd. But she's home. She's my home and I love her.

  2. Good to meet Anistacia tonight at Sauce Society. Love the site.

  3. Need help identifying old man or clown bust open type penny bank from this drug store. Phone number was TA-2323. Bank had to be busted to get money out. This one was never busted.

  4. I just moved a half block off of Colfax Street and have fallen in love with it, the neighborhoods and people! I had been wondering about the history of the area and enjoyed your interview with CPR! Thanks for all the work you have done to preserve history! I am now on the hunt for anything Colfax and will happily donate it to your future museum! Best of luck and keep up the great work!