Sunday, April 13, 2014

Colfax History: Paco Sanchez

Francisco Paco Sanchez came to Denver in 1948 as the lead singer of his Latin music band. Six years later, he launched Denver's first Spanish-language radio station from his home. The same year, Sanchez and other community activists formed a credit union called the Good Americans Organization (GAO) to support economic development in the community. In 1968, GAO became the first private sponsors of a low-income housing project in Denver - the Avondale Housing Project on West Colfax. GAO continued to support affordable housing projects throughout Denver and Colorado. In addition to being a radio broadcaster and affordable housing advocate, Sanchez was chairman of the Coronado National Bank, a commissioner of the Denver Urban Renewal Authority and a founder of the Latin American Educational Organization. Notably, he was elected to a two-year term in the Colorado House of Representatives in 1968. Paco Sanchez died at age 57 in 1973.

Now a park bears his name: Paco Sanchez Park, at 1295 Knox Court in Denver, Co.

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