Wednesday, October 16, 2013

It's Not Your Grandfather's Road Trip!

Looking For Redfeather; A 21st Century Novel About Three Runaway Teens in the American West.

Fiction House, Ltd. announces the publication of Looking for Redfeather, a novel by award- winning author, Linda Collison, who studied History at Metropolitan State University, worked as a registered nurse at Denver’s Presbyterian/St. Luke’s Medical Center, and raised three children in Denver.

Author's Note: "A portion of the novel takes place in Denver.  And what would a road trip novel be without something happening on Colfax?  A scene takes place in Tom's Diner.   Like Jack Kerouac, I have a fascination for that iconic avenue -- but this ain't Jack Kerouac's road trip! "

Fifteen-year-old Ramie Redfeather hitchhikes out of Cheyenne, looking for his father, a man he’s never met. Seventeen-year-old Chas Sweeney has taken his grandmother’s vintage Cadillac Eldorado and fled Maryland, looking for sentient life on a barren planet.  Meanwhile, sixteen-year-old Faith Appleby, who has changed her name to Mae B. LaRoux and bought a fake I.D. with money she nicked out of the church collection plate, has left her home in Baton Rouge and is on a westbound Greyhound bus, guitar in hand, looking to win the break-out blues contest in Austin.  The three teens meet by chance in Denver, where a good portion of the story is set, and head out on a road trip to the Austin Music Festival, looking for the elusive Redfeather on the way.

The novel’s themes include the meaning of family and a sense of belonging, surviving trauma, economic disparity, genetic differences, and coming of age in the 21st century.  The teens are on the road but it’s not Kerouac’s road they travel.

Linda Collison’s first novel, Star-Crossed, published by Alfred A. Knopf in 2006, was chosen by the New York Public Library to be among the Books for the Teen Age – 2007.  Her coming-of-age manuscript With a Little Luck won the former Maui Writers Conference Grand Prize in 1996.  Born in Baltimore, Linda moved to Cheyenne, Wyoming when she was twenty-four, where she lived  for five years before moving to Denver to work as a registered nurse.  In the early 1990’s Linda and her husband Bob Russell co-authored two guidebooks, Rocky Mountain Wineries; a travel guide to the wayside vineyards (the first guidebook on the subject) and, Colorado Kids; a statewide family outdoor adventure guide.  Both books published by Pruett, of Boulder, Colorado. Collison met her husband of 21 years in Loveland, Colorado where they both taught skydiving at Skydive Colorado.  The two later moved to Hawaii where they bought a sailboat and sailed to Polynesia. They now divide their time between Colorado and Hawaii –when they’re not on the road.

Looking for Redfeather ISBN: 0989365301
                                      ISBN 13 trade paperback: 978-0-9893653-0-7
                                      ISBN 13 electronic edition: 978-0-9893653-1-4
                                      ISBN 13 Smashwords edition: 978-0-9893653-2-1

A reading guide can be found on the author’s website,

Contact:  Linda S. Collison  (808)640-8537
Author’s website

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