Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Happy Birthday Chris Daniels!

I recently posted that local guitar hero Chris Daniels had lost his guitar and some microphones somewhere on Colfax Avenue, and I am pleased to report that today, which coincidentally is also his birthday, everything was found and returned to him!! That's the way the world should work now isn't it?

From Chris Daniels' Facebook Page:

"Hey All, I know there are days when we think the planet is spinning the wrong way but I'm a believer in people. Today I got a big dose of kindness. I great person found my guitar and mic box where it had fallen out of the band equipment truck (I did not know the door had come open until I got home after a gig). They contacted dear friend and all around funniest guy on the planet Matt Need who called me because he saw my post on Facebook.!!!! Matt you are the best and I will see you tonight to thank aforementioned wonderful person and see if it is OK if I thank him publicly on Facebook for his kindness and for getting in touch with Matt !!! Thanks to all for the birthday wishes and the kind words about the gear -- and to Matt for putting 2 & 2 together and calling me. Love your bum dude!! Bug hugs CD"

Happy Birthday, Chris, from all of us!!

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