Thursday, October 10, 2013

Bystanders tackle man with gun at Denver Burger King

DENVER – Good Samaritans at a Denver fast food restaurant jumped to a security guard’s rescue Tuesday night, tackling a man to the ground after he pulled a gun on a security guard.
Police confirmed the incident took place at a Burger King near the intersection of West Colfax Avenue and Kalamath Street in the heart of downtown Denver.
Witnesses say that after a security guard told a man to leave the restaurant, the man became a suspect, pulling out a gun and pointing it at the guard. That’s when onlookers reportedly stepped in.
“Me and some bystanders helped rush him (the suspect) and take him to the ground,” witness Joseph Sanchez said. “That’s when he was apprehended.”
As customers grabbed the suspect, witnesses said another security guard came to their aid.
“He (the security guard) tased (the suspect),” Sanchez said. “He (the suspect) was tased until he gave up his gun – until he stopped resisting. It could have been very tragic because there were a lot of family and kids around.”
The suspect was taken to a nearby hospital in custody. Police said the man is a felon and should not have had a gun.

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