Monday, April 8, 2013

Sid King is Back on The 'Fax!

The original Sid King's Crazy Horse neon sign lit up once again on Colfax Avenue, courtesy of the Save The Signs campaign! The restored sign was on display at a fundraiser thrown last Saturday night at the Park House Tavern. A good sized crowd turned out for the event which included live entertainment provided by Tommy Price & The Stilettos and Dixie Leadfoot & The Chrome Struts.

Photos by Jonny Barber
Tommy Price & The Stilettos
Artist Eric Matelski - Photo by Colfax Jack
Photo by Donna Altieri

Denver Eye reader Brian Elliot sent in these photos of the mannequin from Sid King's Crazy Horse that used to accompany the sign! Thanks Brian!


  1. Today Denver is a worthless town with no direction since Mayor Pena ran Sid out of town, think we let the wrong man go. We need to start a partition to get more than the old sign back we need to see the door reopen to Old Sid King again.

    1. Denver proud history has been replaced by spoiled white kids who think is some kind of Manifest Destiny to destroy it and replace everything with a plastic world.

  2. Isn't the mannequin is plastic ?