Friday, April 19, 2013

Police Precinct Board Game


Police Precinct is a cooperative/semi-cooperative game where players are tasked with solving the mysterious murder of the district attorney while simultaneously working the streets - arresting criminals and helping citizens to keep the city from falling into chaos. Players take on the role of police officers with different areas of expertise. The players work together to solve the mystery by collecting evidence and eventually arresting the suspect (with a possible chase involved). Complicating matters is that the city is alive. Other crime is happening and must be dealt with as well - various emergencies such as car accidents robberies and assaults suddenly occur and calls for police attention while street crime in the rough neighborhoods continue to slowly grow if not dealt with as well. Also there may or may not be a corrupt officer that is being paid off by the murderer to suppress evidence the same evidence everyone else is trying to uncover.

Denver  based Common Man Games likes to involve the community in their projects, this is why they have gone out of their way to honor all of these people, places, and things. In the game Police Precinct, all (yes ALL) of the streets and buildings on the board are named after real people, or real things, except one, which is the "Morgue". The Morgue is just the morgue. It doesn't need a fancy name.

So for example, Colfax, as we know, is a real street in a real city, and is really known for it's crime and prostitution.  Playboy Magazine once called Colfax "the longest, wickedest street in America." Seems like a good fit. Colfax is also the longest street on the Police Precinct board.

It is this aspect of Colfax that fits in well with the crime fighting that is such a big part of Police Precinct.
It is for this reason, and as a nod to Common Man Games' Denver location, that they put it on the board.

PS - many parts of Colfax are (today) very nice and much of it is improving rapidly. The "reputation" exceeds the actual in this case. It comes from the history of the area, not the current reality.

Author's Note: Karl Fenner, The Head of CMG, lives just 8 blocks from Colfax at 7th and Ogden, and his company's address is listed as...  a PO Box at 1541 Marion Street (about 2 buildings away from Colfax), and very close to where Jack Kerouac stayed (1522 Lafayette St.).

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