Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Colorado Avalanche: Jokes on the Minnesota Wild

A delivery driver in Denver, Colorado, liked to scare rival fans with his delivery truck — there are an awful lot of them, you see. Usually his pranks were innocuous. If he saw a fan in a St. Louis Blues jersey crossing the street, he’d give a loud honk to make the fan jump. For Chicago Blackhawks fans, he threw the occasional Slurpee — he’d spent more than he’d like to admit on that commodity. However, he saved his best for Minnesota Wild fans.

Whenever the driver saw a hapless person in Minnie green — or even worse, Minnie red and green — walking on the sidewalk, he’d swerve over as if to hit him. He’d swerve back onto the road, though, after just missing him.

One day, he saw a man in a priest’s collar walking down Colfax Avenue. Thinking he’d do a good deed, the driver stopped and asked the priest if he needed a ride.

“Thank you, yes,” the priest agreed. “I’m on my way to the Denver Mission.”

The pair rode in silence for awhile — long enough that the man sort of forgot the priest was with him. As he rounded the corner of a busy street, he saw a chubby fellow in a red and green Minnie jersey. It was like red before a bull, and he swerved sharply to scare the fan. He knew he had missed the fan, but as he swerved back onto the road, he heard a thud. He looked in his mirrors, but didn’t see anything.
He remembered the priest. “Sorry, Father,” he apologized. “I almost hit that Minnesota Wild fan.”

“That’s OK,” the priest assured him. “I got him with the door.”

(courtesy: Fansided)

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