Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Park House Tavern's Throwback Prom

Your thoughts on Prom:
1) I went to prom and loved it
2) I went to prom and hated it
3) I never had a prom to go to..weep...weep..sob...sob

Why you should come to our prom:
1) Because you unabashedly loved prom and have been waiting years for the next one
2) You obviously went to prom with the wrong person
3) Now is your chance.

Turn Back the Clock, Pin up the Corsages, Roll up the Sleeves, and Layer on the Make-up...

You're going back to Prom.

Live Music by the Rocky Mountain Oysters (featuring Scott Roush, Jonah Wisneski, Jamie Mitchell, Kramer Kelling, and Seth Evans)

Park House Prom is Thursday, March 27th, 8pm at the Park House Tavern.

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