Sunday, March 9, 2014

Be Cool + Healthy at Downtown Aurora Visual Arts

Cool + Healthy
The exhibit addresses healthy life choices through artworks by DAVA youth. Students will communicate important messages through mixed media murals, calli-graffiti and zines inspired by youth culture and Hip Hop. The exhibit opens to the public with a reception on Friday March 14h from 4 to 7:30 pm and runs through April 25th, 2014. DAVA (Downtown Aurora Visual Arts) is located at 1405 Florence Street, one block south of Colfax in the Aurora Arts District.  Students’ will include silkscreen, stencil, and relief prints to coincide with the Month of Printmaking in Colorado.
DAVA youth present the results of their research into the prevention of substance abuse and wellness through this annual exhibition. Middle and high school students concentrate on the impact of substance abuse and bullying, while elementary school students take on nutrition and exercise. The resulting exhibition is designed to educate the community through the voice of young people.
Middle and high school students learned to open new avenues to expression through a workshop with hip hop performer and writer Jeff Campbell.  Combining messaging with mixed media techniques, one group of middle school Job training students researched the new marijuana laws in Colorado. Another section of Job Training focused on physical and psychological changes they go through as teens. Through digitally produced zines, they voice their opinion about peer pressure, discrimination, gender, violence and drugs.
Younger students in DAVA’s Open Studio focused on nutrition and exercise through typography and images on silk screens. They learned about healthy choices they can make daily by trying new things, balancing their plate and staying active. As role models for younger students, advanced students in the Open Studio will combine the silkscreen prints with site specific calli-graffiti on the gallery wall to communicate important messages.
All of DAVA’s exhibits are free and open to the public from 10 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday or by appointment. For more information about the exhibits email


Downtown Aurora Visual Arts is a nonprofit arts organization whose mission is to strengthen the community through the arts with youth as its program focus. For more information about our programs call DAVA at 303 367 5886.

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