Thursday, January 24, 2013

Pizza Max - Enzo's End Pizzeria

Pizza Max
Pizza Max has taken over as's official pizzeria reviewer. In his 10 years on Earth, he has eaten pizza twice a day for at least six years. He knows more about the intricacies of flavor, ingredients, and crust style than anyone we have ever heard of. He feels the true test of a pizza's merit lies in an order of a straight-up, cheese-only slice. He recently visited Enzo's End Pizzeria at 3424 East Colfax Avenue, and here is what he found...

He ventured out in the cold down to Colfax Avenue on the chilliest night of winter so far this year.  Looking around the place after placing his order, he commented on the restaurant's decor, "If this place wasn't decorated by dudes it would be more fancy schmancy. Definitely decorated by a dude; it's a dude's place..."

His pipin' hot cheese pizza arrived in no time and he hovered over it to help stay warm. French pop songs were playing on the radio, adding a nice touch as he put the famous thin crust pizza to the test.

It only took a couple of bites before the verdict was in: "Yummy!"

After his first slice, he was visibly excited by the caliber of the pie, and went straight after another. Other comments echoed his initial stance. "Perfect amount of crispiness"..."I like the sauce and that it has no tomato chunks, I like it smooth"..."I like that it's not too floppy!" and  "Under the pizza so far is really good..."

"The cheese smells good, the pizza is very cheesy but with the right amount of cheese. I don't like it when they put too much cheese." said Max.

When asked if he would recommend Enzo's End to a friend he replied, "Yes! Even to Uncle Jimmy!"

What did Max like the most? "The taste. All of it."

He decided to give the pizza a final score of  9.5. He was going to give it a perfect ten, but the last pizza place he gave a perfect ten (Naked Pizza) went out of business shortly after his review, and he doesn't want Enzo's to share their fate! He wants them to keep cranking out their amazing thin crust pizza for years to come.

Charlie and Pizza Max
"You'll be completely satisfied with your Enzo's Pizza or I'll make it right or refund your money!" - Charlie, Enzo's owner and pizza lover.

Enzo's End Pizzeria serves Denver's Tastiest THIN CRUST pizza with YOUR Favorite Toppings, Plus FREE Delivery! Each pizza they bake is the best because they use:
  • California Vine Ripe Tomato Sauce - No Added Sugar
  • Homemade Thin Crust with the Richest Hearth Baked Flavor
  • 33 Premium Toppings PLUS the Finest Natural Mozzarella
"Denver's Best Thin Pizza" - Westword

CALL NOW! 303-355-4700 and tell them that Pizza Max sent you!

Dine-in, Take-Out & Free Delivery. Open Evenings at 4:30 pm. Closed Tuesdays.

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  1. excellent! As a fellow pizza lover, but one who doesn't get out to many different pizzeria's, when I do go out for a new pie, my first stop is always based on Pizza Max's reviews. He knows pizza and I trust his remarks over any other type of media. Speaking of, I'd be interested in Max's review of Borriello Brothers pizza as it a pie house I often frequent.