Sunday, January 27, 2013

Colfax Contender For The Longest Street?

     Is Colfax Avenue really the longest street in the U.S.A.? According to Bil Munsil from Mesa, Arizona, it's not!

     Colfax Avenue is 26.5 miles long through the metro area. Indian School Road in the Phoenix, AZ area is almost 40 miles long. It starts on an Indian Reservation (over four miles) on the east end and goes in almost a straight line westbound all the way through Scottsdale (four miles), Phoenix (21 miles), Litchfield Park (two miles), Goodyear (five miles), and Buckeye (three miles), ending at a new development up against the White Tank Mountains west of Luke AFB.
     Before that development was built it went up INTO the White Tank Mountains (a desert mountain range) for several more miles.
     Obviously there are longer roads in North America (Yonge Street in Ontario claims to be the longest street in the world!) but our claim is that Colfax Avenue is the longest commercial street. And OK, so Indian School Road is longer than Colfax Avenue in the metro area maybe...but Colfax's claim to being the longest commercial street is secure if you count the towns further east: Strasburg, Bennett, and Watkins all have Colfax Avenue addresses, so it is's opinion that we still hold the title!

     Other contenders: Figueroa Street in Los Angeles, California and MacCorkle Avenue in Charleston, West Virginia. 


  1. Michigan Ave from Detroit to Chicago has multiple stretches longer than 26 miles of commercial infrastructure.