Thursday, July 11, 2013

H & E Furniture Mid-Century Madness

Colfax Mid-Century Madness, Brooklyn Style
July 19-21 Sale to Raise Funds for New Windows

Take a closer look at the storefronts at H & E Furniture on Colfax and Ivanhoe, and you’ll see some changes. 

A splash of orange, a modern zigzag, a vintage twist.

“We’re bringing a little bit of Brooklyn to Colfax,” says Humphrey Cobb Jr., known as “Humphrey 2” in the family business. “We want that local quirkiness that changes up each month.” July is Mid-Century Madness, focusing on unique furnishings from the 19th, 20th and 21st century. “We call it the theme room.”

With a 10-year background at ABC Furniture in Manhattan, Humphrey 2 has opened a flexible space full of local art, modern, retro and vintage furnishings and accessories. “We’re taking items that have lost their purpose and upcycling them for another 30-year life in someone’s home,” he says.

Father Humphrey 1 and his wife Ernestine (the “E” in the business name) founded the store 19 years ago. They’ve carved out niches for everyone. There’s the “man cave,” a corner with plush chairs and vintage board games, telephones, cameras and other gadgets. The “kids room” has children’s furnishings (and free puzzles for the kids). And the back room, behind the curtains? That’s for the pickers.

“Folks can dig through all of it and find their treasures,” Humphrey I says. “They don’t want things all merchandised.”

As part of their FAX Partnership membership, H & E is taking advantage of a fa├žade grant matching opportunity and needs your help to raise money for new storefront windows. They will be having an extended weekend promotion July 19-21. All Mid-Century Madness items in the theme room will be 20% off all day, Friday-Sunday. Come by and find that quirky item you just can’t pass up and help a local business!

After you’ve worked up an appetite while shopping, head across the street to the Phoenician Kabob from 11am-4pm during the same days and mention “H & E Mid-Century Madness” to try their buffet and a Happy Hour 2 for 1 special. This promotion is exclusive to those shopping at H & E that weekend and you won’t want to miss it!

For more information, see; H & E and Phoenician Kabob are on Facebook too.

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