Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Brandin' Iron Motel

 1950s photo of the Brandin' Iron Motel on E. Colfax. The saddle is a nice touch!
This motel is still there and is just a little further east on Colfax from where the Famous Chef used to be. In 2019, the original sign was uncovered after all the renovations and additions made over the years were removed. Let's hope the new owner restores the original sign!

The original Brandin' Iron Motor Lodge sign, uncovered in 2019. Photo by Colfax Jack.


  1. How/where can I get permission to use one of these photos for a story I am writing about the restoration and subsequent coffee shop, Glass Arrow, that's going into the building?

  2. Is this motel still there? What about the "Blue Onion" that was across the street? I lived at the BI in the early 80's. What an experience...