Saturday, March 30, 2013

Myxed Up Creations

     Myxed Up Creations is a Colorado owned and operated retail & wholesale company founded in 1992. They pride ourselves on top quality in the products that they sell and in the service they provide. Their main goal is to guarantee complete customer satisfaction through the total Myxed Up experience. Founded in 1992 as a shoestring operation with no capital backing, Myxed Up Creations began with a small line of hand-crated FIMO clay products, catering to students at Colorado State University.

     As their product line increased so did their customer base. In 1994 the Myxed Up Creations Factory Outlet opened at 5800 East Colfax in Denver, CO. The Factory was geared for wholesale manufacturing of FIMO creations, but a small part of the factory was reserved for a retail outlet of Myxed Up products. Interest in the products began to grow as the word got out at such venues as The Taste of Colorado and The People’s Fair (two festivals held at the beginning and the end of the summer in downtown Denver).

     Combined with radio advertising, sales at their retail outlet increased along with a demand for a wider range of products. During this growth at a retail level, their wholesale manufacturing was expanding, and their FIMO products were featured in over 600 stores nationwide. Over the next few years their wholesale business grew by over 2,000 outlets. They also moved their retail outlet two doors down to a 1200 square foot facility.

     Today, the company is an established and well-regarded retailer on East Colfax Avenue with interest in the Colfax Renewal Plan. In the spring of 2010 they opened our 5,000 sq ft super store on Colfax Avenue. Their product line has increased from an initial eight to over 10,000 items including jewelry, clothing, posters, stickers, incense, candles, and other products geared to their trade-mark product – the unique hand-crafted FIMO clay beads. They have also concentrated on delivering a superior brand of customer service.

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