Friday, March 1, 2013

Born in the Flood to Play "Secret" Lost Lake Show Tonight

For as long as there has been a rock ’n’ roll, there have been secret shows. Hell, longer even. And there’s something about being in on the secret that makes the experience all the more special. See: Jack White playing a random West Colfax Avenue auto shop last year.
Born In The Flood
As fun a secret shows are, it’s equally fun to tell everybody about the “secret.” And that’s what Denver songwriter Nathaniel Rateliff did this afternoon on his Facebook page.
“Hello, Friends. Born in the Flood will be playing a short set at Lost Lake Friday 9:30,” Rateliff wrote.
Short and simple. At 9:30 p.m. Friday night, at hipster haven Lost Lake Lounge (3602 E. Colfax Avenue), Rateliff’s old band, which recently reunited, will play a couple songs – or more, if Rateliff, Joseph Pope III and the brothers Meese (Pat and Nate) are feeling it.
The announcement makes sense of an odd Facebook post from earlier in the week by Rateliff’s manager, Bart Dahl: “want to know a secret? too bad, I can’t TELL. but I’ll give you a tip: come out to the Lost Lake Lounge on FRIDAY night…. If’n you don’t know, Lost Lake is at: 3602 E. Colfax Avenue. Trust me. It’s not just Another Night, Another Place. Don’t fall down running getting there. take your time.”
See you there, Bart.

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