Friday, March 29, 2013

King of Colfax Bicycle Race

King of Colfax from dustmitefilms on Vimeo.
The King of Colfax was a 20 mile underground / unsanctioned bicycle race held by Denver Chain Chase last month. 54 cyclists showed up to race from a little west of Colfax on Simms St. (in Golden) all the way to Colfax and Dayton in Aurora. They then turned around and finished in Civic Center Park. 1st place finished the race in 47 minutes, which is an average of about 25 mph.
Denver Chain Chase actually host about 8-10 unsanctioned races in Denver per year! They WILL be doing a KING OF COLFAX 2 next year also!

Join them for their upcoming grand opening party!

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