Saturday, October 20, 2012

Defend Colfax

     From the website

     Did the fine motion picture Red Dawn teach us nothing? One day someone is gonna parachute in here and take all that you hold dear. It is up to us, children, to make Mr. Swayze proud. I call upon you to don the uniform of those who defend the lady that can't defend herself. That lady being Colfax. Even if she does have puke on her dress, 3 identifiable STD's, a little moustache, and a couple of junkie friends. Still, someone has to stand their ground. Is there no morality anymore? Make those freaks on the 15 listen up: I represent the shield! Don't tread on me. Got it? Fly your colors and let it be known - no one is gonna harsh your buzz!

Handmade right here, in the Rocky Mountains.
Screen printed blue on black American Apparel tees.

What's wrong? Are you a fighter and not a lover? Well then, click here to ATTACK COLFAX.

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