Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Scum and Villany

BE ON THE LOOKOUT FOR THIS STOLEN PAINTING DENVER! This was taken from the Goosetown Tavern on Colfax recently. If you know who took it, have them return it before Joey Coloroso gets his hands on them!

In Joey's own words: "I just got a frantic call from Kim letting me know that this painting was STOLEN FROM THE GOOSETOWN recently. It's one of my best paintings I've ever done and Kim was kind enough to display it at your local watering hole. If you see this piece or know who took it, tell em to bring it back and they won't press charges. If I found out who stole it, I'm killing a mother fucker, then pressing charges. PLEASE SHARE so we can get this thing back. This is the second piece of mine stolen from a bar. Thieving bastards!!! Anonymous tips to gimmebackmypainting@gmail.com"

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