Saturday, September 9, 2017

The Most Haunted Location in Colorado: Fitzsimons Army Hospital

From the "Most Haunted Location in Every State" list on


  1. Absolute BS. The former Fitzsimons US Army hospital is now known simply as Building 500. It sits in the heart of the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus which includes several research towers, various Schools of Medicine and Children's and University Hospitals. Building 500, which I was in yesterday, is the workplace of over 1000 people. It's most assuredly not deserted. Just off of E. Colfax, come visit the campus on Food Truck Wednesday's, held in the plaza just south of Building 500.

    1. Can confirm. Currently a student at the building next door to Building 500. People say not to go to the 8th floor alone though.

    2. Correct! Building 500 has been in consistent use since it was first built. It has never stood completely deserted. I lived right up the street from it as a kid (1968 -1972) and even took swimming lessons in building 500, in the olympic size pool they had downstairs - in the evenings in a half lit room. I understand the pool is no longer there and the building has obviously had a facelift, as it used to have a red brick facade, but it has always been in use. As for haunted, I have no doubt. I always had the feeling that there was someone there watching us from a distance and you can feel the strong presence of spirits in the hallways. There are also the shadows you see and strange sounds of movement.

      I am curious though ... what's supposed to be on the 8th floor? I've not heard about that.

    3. I was working maintenance during the BRAC turnover in early 2000. While I was finished changing burnt out light bulbs on the eight floor in the west wing, a lady stepped out of the elevator telling me that she'd hold the elevator for me. As I got to the elevator with the door standing open, the lady was nowhere around. I thought nothing of it until I read this post today. Thanks for sharing. CM 6/8/2020