Monday, September 25, 2017

7 Things to Do While You're in Denver

The following came from's list of 7 Things to Do While You're in Denver:

#7. Crawl Colfax

Colfax Avenue was once described by Playboy as “the longest, wickedest street in America.” At 26.8 miles, that’s long enough to stage a marathon. However, we don’t recommend doing all that running. Instead, we suggest doing a pub crawl along the most decadent stretch from Capitol Hill Books to Voodoo Doughnut Mile High — an easily walkable distance of around half a mile.
Having already pre-gamed on White Russians, and having reached just east of the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception, we spilled from our UBER and into Prohibition, a faux-feeling bar with dark wood and some good beers. The best part is the hipsterrific children’s adventure book within which we were presented the check.
We stagger into LGBT hotspot X Bar. The window side of the bar is quite short, but we appreciate that it’s likely helpful to the differently-abled, and order drinks. The 2-4-1 beers during Happy Hour is a great deal. Cool place if it’s your scene.
On to 1Up Bar, and it’s awesome. It has the world’s biggest Pac-Man arcade game, tons of drink choices, dozens of classic arcade games (although no Asteroids. Bummer).
At Kinga’s Lounge things started to get messy — we had a couple more beers, and a delectable $25 carafe of cucumber and jalapeno vodka. Amazing. Things are falling apart.
The Irish Snug seemed like a great place for a Guinness and trivia night. After, we accidently walk into Kavasutra and order something without alcohol. There is a mild moment of panic.
Food happens. A calzone from D.P. Dough hits the spot. A cone from Ice Cream Riot slays.
Everything is right with the world again — punk rock and beer at the Streets of London Pub.
The group is breaking. Going home. Time to call UBER.

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  1. I miss the pimps & hos and other characters I'd see at the 601 E Colfax Ave White Spot / Tom's Diner / now Tom's Starlight at 3am back in the '70s. Might have been "wicked" but it had character.