Sunday, July 31, 2016

Sid King's Crazy Horse Bar, 1974

Courtesy Save the Signs on Colfax


  1. I lived for a year 1974 on the 3rd floor over it and my roomie was one of the Strippers. My Roomy was Elizabeth Pat Montgomery who grew up in the neighborhood i live in now in Westminster. Her look in her 20s was dead ringer for Jim Morrison's 'wife' and she is hard core Doors Jim Morrison fan who didn't want to believe was dead and was real groupie that got me into a lot of concerts free 73-75. She was the one that stripped with snake she named Jimbo for Morrison. I became so jaded with naked girls the dancers used me as testing pig. in short i loosely managed the girls reviewing their acts if they could arouse me. It made being bouncer easy, i could ignore a topless or nude no problem. Her Dance name was "Cleopatra" with her pet snake "Jimbo" she fed it rats

  2. I used to visit Denver every January for the stock show. I will never forget Sid King saying "How bout that baclava boys!" This was a wild place once the cowboys started fighting. Sid would walk up and down the bar saying drink up, you can't sit on the 50 yard line and sip.

  3. On New Year’s Eve 1969 my 19 year old wife, we had been married 3 month, stripped at Sid Kings Crazy House Bar. We were there to see the New Year’s Eve show with two other couples and per Denver’s laws you had to be 21 to get into the club but only 19 to perform. They told my wife they would let her sit with us if she performed. How we talked her into it I’ll never know. Sid and the crowd got a huge kick when she told him she had only been married three months and she’d never done anything like this. She was doing it so we could all get in to see the show. Sid had me stand up and everyone applauded me. She stripped to her g-string and Sid commented on how wonderful “Her little midnight snacks” were. She’s 73 now and we are still happily married.