Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The Crowd is loud on Colfax tonight

by Jonny Barber

The crowd is loud on Colfax tonight

The impossibly hip are doing alright

First highway running coast to coast

East to West, On the Road

If it happens at all, it’ll be on the Fax

It’ll be the most, just don't step on the cracks

Corridors of power to the homeless

And those boys that work in the mine

Won’t look for long to find a great time

Goddess of the dawn comes in from the East

To the mountains of the west where her soul is released

We make our way on the nation’s longest commercial street

Exploring the haunts of Kerouac and the Beats

You'll find what you need, old and new

You’ll find it all on the Avenue

What is she to you?

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