Thursday, August 13, 2015

Taylor's Supper Club

Taylor's Supper Club was a hot spot on West Colfax Avenue, known for great food and live entertainment. Established in the 1950's by Sam Toole, they hosted many different entertainers from around the country, including The Lettermen, Kay Ballard and Chet Atkins. This is a collection of short films of the very popular house band favorites,"The Taylor's," starring Buddy Greene, Kenny Smith and Frankie Burg. Enjoy! (courtesy Scott Greene)

The Taylors Supper Club building is still there at 7000 W. Colfax as the Lakewood Endoscopy Center. 

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  1. Scott Green, how are you doing? Thanks for the video. This is Barbara, I use to babysit you a very long time ago. My Mom is Kathy who worked at Taylors. This flooded me and Mom with great memories. Hope your doing well. Email me if you want, would like to know how the whole family is doing. I'm on facebook under Barbara Keating