Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Caffe Sanora

Caffe Sanora, at 1201 E. Colfax Avenue, is a local, independent coffee shop serving Rainforest Alliance Certified and organic coffee. The owner, David Boyan, wants Caffe Sanora to be part of a solution. By only serving coffee with the highest fair trade and ecological standards, he can make sure his business helps the environment and the life it supports.

When you walk into Caffe Sanora you know you are amongst friends. Dave and his team aren’t just trying to sell you coffee, they are there for the community. Sit and enjoy a chat with friends, play a board game, read the paper, do some work, or just surf the ‘Net using the free wi-fi.  You can even order a cold beer or a good glass of wine, a perfect way to start the after-work party.

As you sit and enjoy the experience you can feel good about the impact your coffee consuming is having on the world, and also feel good about the positive impact on your own body. Good health is important at Caffe Sanora, and we only use coffee beans free from additives and rich in antioxidants. That means you get coffee the way Mother Nature intended it to be while keeping free radicals in check, which are both great things.

The next time you want a cup of delicious, healthy, and responsibly produced coffee, check out Caffe Sanora.

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