Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Spiv: Ridin' The Dirty 15

Spiv, (a British slang for "one who uses their wits to avoid a real job", and also a rock bandleader from Denver, Colorado) has just released a new single, "The Dirty 15"; it's namesake being a reference to RTD's 15 Bus running the length of Colfax Avenue. The song tells the story of a teenage girl determined to get away from a life walking the street, a battle that she ultimately wins.

Spiv is donating ALL of the proceeds from sales of the single to the Colfax Community Network, a charitable organization that serves the needs of homeless families on Colfax. Special thanks to the others that donated their time to this project: Nate Barnes (Rose Hill Drive) on the drums, Todd Divel, turning the knobs at Silo Sound and playing bass, and Ian P. Gilchrist mixing the song and creating the artwork.

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  1. Mentioned this on Nextdoor for Capitol Hill: