Saturday, May 11, 2013

Colfax History: Tiki Boyd's

From Dale Sawin: "Found this picture on a old cd.......Its the long face Moai Tiki I carved for the amazing Tiki Boyds on Colfax inside the Ramada, Short lived but good god damn what a good time.

Picture is Tiki Bill (RIP Lovely man) Colorados own live legend, Boyd Rice, Aaron from Modern Drunkard magazine and Tiki Mike Skinner.

This was my favorite carving of all time...I think manager Matt claimed it when the place closed, as was his right.....anyone seen it? I might be interested in a buy back.

So wish this place was still kicking....just felt right......

I still remember an honest to gawd stock show couple getting up from my table just as I was on a real gone rum rant talking about art and life and the middle of nowhere and looking at me like I'd just been released from the local asylum......I was still gesturing and talking as they were halfway to the lobby.......ah shit...ha."

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