Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Miss Colfax August 2012 - Amy Holden

     We met Amy working at the Dry Soda booth (try the rhubarb flavor!!) at the Raise the Roof Party on Colfax Avenue. Any good lookin' girl who represents for Colfax is a friend of ours...but then she told us about the cause she "supports", and we were hooked! Boobies Rock is an organization that started in San Francisco and is now in about 8 markets.  Each quarter they raise money for a different Breast Cancer Charity.  Her group pledged $50,000 to the Pink Fund which they are trying to make by September.  The Pink Fund helps women who are affected by the disease and helps the women with medical bills, housing, grocery bills, transportation to and from Chemotherapy.  "It is a super hands on charity which I love!" says Amy. " Us Boobies Rock girls in Denver are out and about 6 or 7 days a week going to different bars and restaurants getting donations for our merchandise.  We sell Boobies Rock wrist bands, Koozies and t-shirts that say things like I love motorboating, Support 2nd base, We stare because we care, I love hooters and some other great ones!  All in all, it is a great company that is all about fun, charity and boobs!"

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