Monday, August 27, 2012

Aurora Arts District Opening Reception at The Collection

     The Aurora Arts District is pleased to announce that we will have office and gallery space at the Collection. Located at 9801 E Colfax Ave, in a portion of Suite #120, the Collection has a history of fueling creativity. Troy Gladwell of Medici Communities LLC has continuously shared this space with the community to use for art. Before the Aurora Arts District, Original Aurora Renewal (OAR) used the location for its community art program. OAR continues to operate in the community across the street at 9898 E Colfax Ave, in the same building as the Martin Luther King, Jr Library.
     We thank Mr. Gladwell, Medici Communities LLC, and OAR for the opportunity to carry on such wonderful community asset and legacy. The Aurora Arts District will continue to bring in artists and opportunities in line with our mission of enhancing the district as a destination through cultural and educational experiences.
     The Collection will be operated by volunteers of the Aurora Arts District. We invite you to join us for the opening reception held during our Second Friday event, Art on the Fax.

The Collection
Aurora Arts District – Consignment Gallery
Opening Reception: Summer’s Winter
9801 E Colfax Ave, Suite #120
Friday, September 14, 2012

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