Friday, August 3, 2012

Marczyk's on the 'Fax One Year Anniversary Clambake

Marczyk’s on Colfax

Almost due east of Marczyk Fine Foods I (celebrating 10 years in the neighborhood market business), Marczyk Fine Foods II opened at the corner of Colfax and Fairfax one year ago. To celebrate their first year in business, Marczyk's II is holding an old school tradition that even spawned an Elvis movie: the Clambake. Located in the old Ace Hardware building, which was originally a Safeway, Marczyk’s on Colfax features a full service deli, meat and seafood counter, fresh produce, pantry items, dairy, and cheeses from stinky to mild. Fairfax Wines and Spirits occupies 875 sq. ft. of the new building.

One Year Anniversary Celebration for Marczyk’s on the 'Fax

When: Saturday, August 4, 2012, 1:00pm - 6:00pm.
Where: Marczyk Fine Foods, 5100 E Colfax Avenue, Denver, CO. 303 243-3355.
What: One 1 pound lobster, real Massachusetts steamers (Pete and Paul emphasis not cherrystones!), an ear of Colorado sweet corn, Colorado new potatoes, and butter are wrapped in foil, put over an open fire to cook, and served hot. Free lobster bib too!
The big Burger Night grill gets rolled into the parking lot and a hot fire is started. The flavors of summer meld together as the tin-foiled packages roast over the fire. Eat it here at our picnic tables, or take home.
How much: $24.99 per person.

Other: Just so we can get a count, please call the Colfax store to pre-order, 303 243-3355, or email Suzanne at We'll be taking orders from Sunday 7/29-Friday 8/3. If you don't pre-order, just show up anyway!

The Fax about Marczyk Fine Foods:

Westword Magazine voted Marczyk Fine Foods "Best Store on Colfax 2012"

5500 Sq ft food store includes:
• Full deli
• Fresh meat and seafood
• Grocery, including dairy
• Fresh produce
• Market prepared meals
• Cheese
Built in 1925 as a Safeway Grocery. Among other uses, it has been a hardware store since 1980.
Points of Interest
Fairfax Wine and Spirits, an 875 sq ft wine shop adjacent to the food store, sells great value wines from small producers.
There’s a kitchen, outdoor seating, and 19 parking spaces.
A beautiful wooden bow truss ceiling spans the entire space.
The pristine oak floors found under the old linoleum floor have been repurposed for the wine store.
Here are some pictures of the progress.

Are you concerned about being located so close to the existing store?Yes and no. Back in the 30’s and 40’s, before grocery stores got to be 20,000 sq ft, Safeway stores were located as close as 12 blocks from each other. Customers would shop for the day, not the month, and many would walk. We think this way of shopping is returning: urban grocery shoppers travel an average of only 3 miles for their shopping, vs. 7 miles for a suburban shopper. Also, our customer database in Uptown keeps growing. We now have over 10,000 names in our frequent shopper list. The Colfax location will serve a number of neighborhoods that will use a neighborhood market: Mayfair, Hale, Stapleton, Hilltop, and Park Hill.

Coming out of one of America’s worst recessions, what gave you the confidence to expand?
The recession told us a few things about our customers. We believe our customers shop here because they want great tasting food. We think many Denverites stayed home and cooked during 2009 and 2010, and realized they could find really great ingredients here at Marczyk’s. They liked the taste and the value, so they’ve kept shopping with us. Also, statistics show that more and more people want to know the source of their food, and search out organic produce and meats that are raised without hormones or antibiotics.

Why Colfax?
Marczyk Fine Foods is an urban market. We need high street visibility, parking, and dense surrounding neighborhoods.  Choosing this location is not urban infill, it’s more a return back to what made Main St desirable in the first place: traffic, both pedestrian and vehicular. A supportive community. (For example, more that 56 people showed up for the liquor license hearing.) Plus, Colfax is Denver’s Main St. 

Our promise is to be consistent: consistently great service, consistently fresh and delicious food. We’ve gotten a lot of accolades: Best Service, Best Food to Go, Head of the Class…the list goes on. But to paraphrase Bruce Springsteen, we need to “prove it all day”. Day in, and day out, great service and food.

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