Sunday, April 29, 2012

Musicians in Action

I am always honored to lend a hand to anyone making a difference in people's lives and willing to actually get their hands dirty and pitch in for a great cause, and yesterday that distinction would go out to Musicians in Action, who presented an amazing lineup of bands at the GLBT Center on Colfax from 11:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Last night was the closing night for the first (I hope there will be more) Root 40 Music Festival on Colfax Avenue, and Musicians in Action really did their part!

From "We are mobilizing the underutilized (musicians) to aid the underprivileged (Colorado's homeless).

M.I.A. is an all-volunteer nonprofit that hosts a variety of events to raise awareness and resources for those society has left Missing In Action (Colorado's homeless population). M.I.A. hosts shows across genres, across the calendar and across the metro area. Join us for a show?

Musicians In Action is dedicated to assisting all of the homelessness agencies in Colorado. Through fund raising events, special collaboration projects and volunteerism M.I.A. seeks to bring awareness to these important organizations. We primarily serve the following agencies: The Colorado Coalition for the Homeless, The Empowerment Program, The Gathering Place, Senior Support Services and Urban Peak. But M.I.A. strives to work with many local agencies to raise awareness and resources."

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Musicians in Action: headlining band Nemesys

From the M.I.A. Facebook page: "A HUGE THANK YOU to the great bands that played our outdoor stage yesterday: Side Of The Road, Synergy, SuperSeed, Gription, MF Ruckus/White Fudge, Hot Apostles, FTP Band, The Hits, The Pirate Signal, and Nemesys! We couldn't have been more proud of the stage talent & diversity!

And a big thank you to Open Stage Denver for providing an awesome sound system! Please check them out at And thank you, Colorado Audio, for providing a great stage!"

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