Monday, April 9, 2012

All Colfax, All The Time

Curb Your Enthusiasm - All Colfax, all the time.
by Amy Haimerl
Published in Westword: August 3, 2006

The East Colfax Avenue land grab has spilled off the strip and onto the web. Six months ago, (not to be confused with, the Colfax Business Improvement District's site) launched as a portal to all things Colfax, from its easternmost point to the spot outside Golden where it disappears altogether.

Anistacia Barber at the Holiday Chalet on Colfax Avenue
    It's a labor of love," says Anistacia Barber, who started with Jonny, her husband (and one-time Elvis Impersonator). "We absolutely love Colfax, and have for years and years. Our romance blossomed on Colfax. When we'd go on dates, we'd romp around on Colfax." Right now their site doesn't offer much except for history and some news snippets, but the Barbers hope to eventually grow their passion into a magazine for the street. "We want to cover stories about the Colfax lifestyle. Interview interesting people, showcasing America's wickedest street," Anistacia says. "We want to snapshot it and preserve it. There's a certain level where, yeah, there's room to clean it up and make it a safer environment for people, but we don't want to see it completely gentrified with rows of Starbucks and Qdobas."

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