Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Letters to the Editor

Hi Jonny,

I'm trying to get some info on this but I was driving east on Colfax one afternoon about 4 and
there were maybe 6 or 8 Klieg lights set up all around Pete's and camera and sound guys and about 100 people all around so I pulled over to see what all this was about...walked through the crowd and up to the front window off the sidewalk and there was RODNEY sitting at the counter doing his lines....for what I remember as a commercial for KBPI but this doesn't work on my researching....he was in town for something else and did this in between...I was there maybe 20 mins watching when  Rodney took a smoke break and stood maybe 5 feet from me when he got pestered for autographs so he had to GET RESPECT..."Hey - I'm WORKIN" he shouts out and took a real deep drag at that point....this was about 1990 I think but I'm still looking..

I know Denver VERY well from having lived there for 37 years...I once lived at 1469 Garfield St back in '73 and '74...right next to the used car lot of ROSEN NOVAK FORD and just caddy corner across the alley from MR VON'S some stories about that place...


Tim White

REPLY: You're right, Tim White! Rodney filmed this movie in Denver. Not really on par with Easy Money or Back to School, but what can I say...he gets no respect!
Filming locations: Denver, Littleton
Film office description: "In order to impress his boss and move upward in his company, Chester Lee (Rodney Dangerfield) decides to coach his employee daughters soccer team. He uses his fiance's son in order to ensure the success of his new soccer team."

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