Friday, January 26, 2018

A Good Day for the Colfax Avenue Museum - by Mo Devany

The hair's a little gray, but Jonny B good, set up shop behind the flowers like Elvis in the hood.
With velvet painting and wall of fame, Jonny holds court, kindling the past and guarding the flame.
We set out on Old 40, where legends have played, to find tales of memories across the long city street.
Joannie has gone, faded flowers from youth, her blonde hair a memory.
But we stop in to see what Jonny found there, an old yellow submarine in total disrepair.

The snow has long melted from the blizzard of '82, but the Christmas storm has a place of its own -
in a good day for the Colfax Avenue Museum.
We found bullet holes of hate, filling in with thirty years of regret, when Rickie Lee passed the whiskey to her fans up front, Holly Near sang for love to banish all bombs, and the Pope dropped in where Perry Mason cornered the killer on the shores of East High.
It's a small world and a good day for the Colfax Avenue Museum.
                                                                                                                               -- by Mo Devany

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