Tuesday, August 9, 2016

This Used to Be...Where Bob Dylan lived.

Denver-Capitol Hill - 1736 East 17th Avenue - Bob Dylan Residence

In the early 1960s moments before fame came his way, Bob Dylan stayed at this address for a short period of time. The house is adjacent to a cinder block building on the SW corner of 17th & Williams. This would have been at the time when he played the Satire Lounge on East Colfax. I would assume Dylan was loosely acquainted with local performer Judy Collins who hit fame concurrently. On one occasion, roughly 1989 if I recall, Dylan returned to Capitol Hill after doing a local concert. He walked straight into Wax Trax Records at 13th and Washington as a customer. Dylan has been seen around these parts in relatively low profile on other occasions. (courtesy ColoradoArts.net)

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