Saturday, September 6, 2014

30 MILES OF CRAZY! Book Release Event

Saturday, September 20th, 6PM
2 S. Broadway
Denver, CO 80209

For over the last year, the weekly webcomic 30 MILES OF CRAZY! has been documenting life, characters, stories, and ‘Tru-ish Tales’ of the bars and city, centering around what Playboy magazine called ‘The Longest, Wickedest Street in America’: Colfax Avenue. Denver is full of local color, from infamous street people, to historic bars, Beat literary history, to El Mesteno (or Blucifer as most people cheekily refer to him.) 30 MILES tries to tell some of these stories, humanize and explain to people about this city and street, why people choose to come here, and share the universality of these stories - even though you may not understand Denver & Colfax, you may be able to recognize these people in your own city.

To celebrate the release of the new 30 MILES collection of the first year (and then some) of stories, we are hosting a book release party at Mutiny Information Cafe on Saturday, September 20th at 6PM.

The event will include reading from a collection of local Denver authors and cartoonists: Noah Van Sciver, Jason Heller, Lonnie Allen, Daniel Crosier, Nick Plumber, Rich English, Jim Norris, Jake Fairly, Tameca Coleman, Jonny Barber, Karl Christian Krumpholz and many others. 

For more information, please contact:
Karl Christian Krumpholz

“Harsh and beautiful…. After 5 hospice referrals this week, I need this series to keep my humanity” - Theresa Allison (Geriatirician & Palliative Care Doctor, commenting on the ‘FUNERAL OF CGK story line, pages 63-76)

“Only a mind as warped, unnatural, and savage as Karl Christian Krumpholz’s could have conceived the idea of celebrating that sinister snake called ‘Colfax’. And what’s worse, he pulls it off admirably, which will only serve to add to the serpent’s ever-growing evil. Which was probably Karl’s plan all along.” - Frank Kelly Rich, Editor of Modern Drunkard Magazine.

“Though 30 MILES OF CRAZY! has, as its subtitle, “True-ish tales of derelicts, bars, and denizens of low places,” the book is a love story, really. It documents Krumpholz’s love of his town, his friends, his lover, and, above all else, other people. Certainly there are moments in this book that focus on the raw, f**ked up, and desperate aspects of humanity, but Krumpholz’s portrayal of everyone and everything, while not exactly reverential, is suffused with understanding and affection.
It’s also pretty f**king funny in parts.” - Daniel Elkin, Comics Bulletin

About Karl Christian Krumpholz:

Originally from Philadelphia and Boston (where he picked up the annoying habit of saying ‘wicked’), Karl Christian Krumpholz is the writer/artist of such comics as Angst Boy Comics, Sturm und Drang, Schadefreude (all self-published), Byron (SLG Publishing), Vincent Price Presents (Bluewater), Show Devils (Mother Mind) and who’s artwork has appeared in Image Magazine, and Modern Drunkard Magazine. He also designed artwork for Denver’s ADRIFT Tiki Lounge, Album covers for Barstool Messiah (Bastards of Bacchus and 13), provided artwork for the documentary ‘Neal Cassady: The Denver Years’ for Colorado Public Television, as well as illustrating his daily adventures int he weekly webcomic 30 MILES OF CRAZY! He also hates writing about himself in the third person. It’s creepy.

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