Sunday, August 10, 2014

The Four Seasons of Colfax: A Year in the Life

ENTRY DEADLINE:  January 29, 2015

Join 40 West in its 3rd annual Colfax-themed show: “The 4 Seasons of Colfax”: an arts exhibition celebrating the events, history, and character(s) of Colfax Avenue (America’s longest commercial street) across the seasons.  Colfax offers the special, unusual, strange and beautiful.  

We want to capture the full year of weather and its impact upon the beauty and activity of Colfax Avenue.  Capture a year in the life of Colfax with your photos, paintings and more.  

Link below for web page, where you can download the Call for Entry PDF.

We invite visual artists of all kinds—photographers, painters, sculptors, mixed-media artists, etc.—to use their artist’s eye to capture the spectacle that is Colfax—it’s neon, its people, places, events, history and ever-changing character of Main Street Colorado. Colfax Avenue has been at the epicenter of entrepreneurial activity in the metro area for more than 150+ years, with businesses and buildings still intact today, many which carry over from  the 1950s car culture. Come on photographers and artists—channel your inner Jack Kerouac! Get out “On the Road” and experience the grit and the glitz of Colfax.

We are delighted to have 2 huge Colfax lovers & experts serve as jurors: Jonny Barber ( and Bree Davies (

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