Saturday, August 31, 2013

Colfax Artist commissioned by Harley, Vatican to paint 110th piece

MILWAUKEE (WITI) — Painter David Uhl was commissioned by both Harley-Davidson and the Vatican to paint a special work of art commemorating the 110th Anniversary celebration.

Uhl’s talent has taken him from rock stars to Rome — he’s even had a chance to meet the Pope.

“That was amazing, surreal for me. For an artist to go to the Vatican and take a private tour of the whole art collection they have, it just knocked my socks off. I have not been the same since,” said Uhl.

The Vatican also used his 110th Anniversary design as the inspiration for a stamp.

“This is, I guess, the big thing. They designed a stamp based on my painting. He said he couldn’t believe that because they reserve that for, like, saints or major events in history,” said Uhl.

Uhl also had a chance to gift his artwork to Aerosmith rocker Steven Tyler.

“I finally got time and was going to meet him here so I hurried up and tried to get enough done to show it off tonight,” said Uhl. “So I’ll go backstage or Tyler’s dressing room. Hopefully he’ll dig it.”

Aerosmith performs at the Harely-Davidson 110th on Saturday, August 30th.

CLICK HERE to get your own copy of Uhl’s commemorative Harley-Davidson 110th Anniversary painting.

Uhl Studios is located at 15801 West Colfax Avenue in Golden, Colorado. Portions of the site building date back to 1890, and it was formerly an antique shop, a hang gliding club, and a residential home. In 2008, the property was purchased by David and Danial. The building was completely renovated and reconstructed by the two artists who gave it soul and modern appeal.

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