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Mile-High Tailgating 101

Denver Broncos fans: saddle up because football season is officially here. Kick off the season with some good, old-fashioned tailgating. From where to go to what to do, here’s the rundown on Mile-High tailgating.

Where To Go

Sports Authority Field at Mile High is located at I-25 and Colfax Avenue. Tailgating spots are available on a first-come, first-served basis, so be sure to plan ahead. Tickets for spaces are available at 8 a.m. for afternoon games and 12 p.m. for evening games, and all lots are open five hours before the game starts.
  • Lot C (VIP) – $30 per space
  • Lot M – $30 per space
  • Lot N – $20 per space
Follow The Rules
Remember, just because you’re the biggest Broncos fan, doesn’t mean you can take over the parking lot. Keep these rules in mind when getting fired up for the big game.
  • Stick to designated parking spaces only. Do not take up space in other lots or block them in any way.
  • Tailgating is allowed in your lot stall, directly behind your vehicle or in the landscape areas nearby.
  • There are no open flames or BBQ grills allowed in stadium lots.
  • There are no glass bottles or kegs allowed.
  • There is no selling or distribution of food, beverages or other products allowed.
Tailgating 101
Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a draft-worthy rookie, there are some things every fan should know when tackling the tailgate. Here are some tailgating basics to ensure a smooth celebration.
  • Go Team – As any faithful fan will tell you, it’s practically a sin to show up to the game (let alone a tailgate) without the proper fan attire. Dress up in your favorite player jersey, outrageous team hat or just some orange and blue garb. Paint that pretty face in the appropriate colors. And don’t feel like the car or lot spaces are off limits. Show your team spirit by decorating your spot with fun team accessories.
  • Don’t Be Late – Remember, lot space is limited and available on a first-come, first-served basis only. Get there early to secure a spot. The sooner you arrive, the better location you will find.
  • Smells Like Team Spirit – No tailgating party is complete without some spread of refreshments. If you’re going big, be sure to plan your menu ahead of time and prep things for easy assembly at the lot. Make a list of the items you’ll need and check them off before you head out to the stadium. If you’re just doing snacks, make sure you have the proper finger-food accessories like cocktail napkins, tooth picks and skewers.
  • Howdy Neighbor – Denver is a hometown kind of city where people aren’t afraid to interact with each other. Say hello to the folks in the lots next-door and make new friends for games to come.
  • Playing Games – There’s no reason why you can’t have some silly, backyard-style fun at the tailgate. Bring along cards, horseshoes, cornhole or a (beer) pong table for some competition of your own.
  • Pack Your Trash – As with any outdoor activity in Colorado, cleanup is essential. Bring a trash bag or two and make sure your space is tidy before you head in for the game.
Tailgate Party Essentials
Every party comes with fundamental accessories that you shouldn’t go without. Don’t leave home without these simple items.
  • Extra Ice – Pack one additional cooler with an extra bag of ice.
  • Toilet Paper – Porta Potties can run out of toilet paper quickly when the party gets rolling so don’t be left standing alone in one without it.
  • Trash Bags – Yes, we went over this before, but you will likely accumulate more trash than expected.
  • Weather Gear – Whether it’s a typical Mile-High sunny day or a blistery mid-season freeze, be sure to come prepared to weather the storm. Pack sunblock, mittens, scarves and hats for any unpredictable weather moment.
  • First Aid Kit – You just never know what accidents might happen.
There you have it Broncos fans; you are now prepared to show off what pre-game fun is really all about.
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