Sunday, October 7, 2012

Kenny Be's Comic Colfax: A Strip Down Memory Lane (Pt. 5)

     In 2010, Denver city planners decided that reintroducing streetcars to Colfax Avenue would help commercial development and began a feasibility study. I suggested then – and still agree now – that the reintroduction of streetcars is guaranteed to reduce automobile congestion and invigorate redevelopment on East Colfax Avenue! Especially if the project is built as a public/private partnership that includes the use of seven "Hopper" trolleys that promote Colfax business interests...
Artwork by Kenny Be
 As illustrated above, East Colfax Avenue's many temporary employment agencies will served by the "Job Hopper" trolley. By the time that the East Colfax Avenue streetcar line is fully built out in 2022, Medical Prostitution Providers will be legal and sponsors will be announced on the "Bed Hopper" trolley.---Kenny Be

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