Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Satire Lounge Sign

Photo by John Margolies

The Satire Lounge sports a classic neon sign which hearkens back to the Highway 40 era of Colfax Avenue.


  1. Before Pete Contos bought the Satire in 1962 or so, it had lots of live music, folk era. Smothers Brothers (before they made it) and even Bob Dylan. Judy Collins may have performed there also. In '70s they had a cook named Luis who made some of the best green chile and mex food in town. It's a shell of itself now, and Covid has really hurt it.

  2. Worked for Pete for over 25 years and of course worked a stint at the Satire. In fact both of my sisters did too.

  3. The Green Chile was beyond belief, only my Aunt Marjorie at the Rock Tower Inn in Morrison CO (owned by my Uncle Tony Phelps in the 1950's - 1960's) can I honestly say was slightly better.