Wednesday, February 28, 2018

A Cage in Search of a Bird

An episode of the CBS television series “Route 66” was filmed in Denver on June 30, 1963. In “A Cage In Search Of A Bird”, Tod and Linc are in Denver, Colorado and become involved in the story of the gangster that helped commit the Great Mint Robbery. On December 17, 1922, $200,000 in five-dollar bills from the Federal Reserve Bank being stored at the Denver Mint were stolen. The robber, never caught, is now an old man. 
In the episode there are great 1963 shots of Denver, Colfax Avenue, Historic US Route 40, 16th Street, Capitol Hill Neighborhood and the following:
1. El Rancho Restaurant on US 40.
2. The Tepees on US 40.
3. Rooftop view of 17th Ave from the Cosmopolitan Hotel across from the Brown Palace Hotel.
4. Colorado National Bank Interior.
5. Old Denver Bus Station.
6. Pioneer Sculpture on Colfax Avenue.
7. The Denver Mint on Colfax.
8. Gotham Hotel (now apartments) at Grant and 12th.
9. Stapleton Airfield terminal and control tower.
10. Downtown strip club.
11. The Gold Nugget Tap Room & Elite Liquors at Larimer and 16th.
12. Paramount Theater at 16th & California.
13. May D&F & Putt-Putt golf on 16th Street.
14. Scotch & Sirloin Restaurant at the Gotham Hotel on Grant and 12th Avenue.
15. Square dancing at City Park pavilion.
16. Rocky Mountain News on Colfax.
17. Tabor Theater.
18. JC Penny’s on 16th.

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