Tuesday, January 3, 2017

WHAT A-MIX-UP — Aurora Democrat May 4, 1934

One of the most peculiar aeries of automobile accidents occurred last Friday evening when a farm wagon driven by E. I*. Dunlap, of Aurora, was struck by an automobile of Col. Sherwood, of Fltzsimons hospital. About 8:30 p. in., the wagon was opposite the Starlight Cottage camp, on Colfax Ave., when the automobile struck it. There was no light on the rear of the wagon and the Colonel did not see it until he was right upon it. Dunlap was thrown out, but was j only slightly hurt. The horses broke away from the wagon, carrying the tongue off with them. They smashed into two other automobiles, doing them some damage, and then, while the entire pavement was blocked, came thundering down upon the cars, and tore the top off of one; but were brought to a stop. While this was going on. a young man from Denver, hurrying to the hospital to keep a date, piled into the whole mess and added considerably to the devastated area. A remarkable feature was that no one was seriously hurt—even the horses escaped with a few bruises. The aftermath of the affair in the police court next morning, resulted in Dunlap being fined $2O and costs for having no red light on the rear of his wagon and the young man was fined $5 and costs for reckless driving.

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