Saturday, December 24, 2016

The Most Unbeatable Bars in Denver

I have had many a great times here and have seen 100's of shows. Big names like John Doe from X, to no name bands have played here. Joe Strummer from The Clash loved this bar. This little hole in the wall bar has been here since the 1930's; it used to be a jazz bar so I was told.  One of those dive bars that was kinda scary to go into. Ya know almost skid row seedy. It has its wonderful endearing qualities, like crack whores and bums hanging out in front trying to bum change or a smoke. Located on Colfax. Colfax itself was very seedy place, well, not so much anymore but it still has its edge.

Back in the late 80's friends of mine would go dive bar hopping this was their favorite bar. Why?  A great jukebox and Dinky, that's why. He was an old timer who would make up dirty songs about you and play the piano or take 2 quarters and drum on the bar with them. He even made a theme song for the lair.
Now use the song "Oh Christmas tree" and sing along with the entire bar.

"We like it here,We like it here, you bet your ass we like it here.The lions lair is out home, from here we will never roam.We like it here,We like it here, you bet your ass we like it here."

I think those are the lyrics. There are not many folks that go there now who even know about this song or this man.

Thursday nights we would all gather to watch Twin Peaks on the big screen and play darts. So here I am feeling like an old timer thinking back on the good ole days. Those days are over now, booths were torn out, stage was put in.  I like the fact I can sit at the bar and be able to see the band, the door and well the entire club in a glance. One of my favorite dives. I'm grateful.

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