Friday, April 22, 2016

Actress Sue Lyon at the Bugs Bunny Motel

Actress Sue Lyon (Lolita) reputedly tried to commit suicide by jumping out the window of the Bugs Bunny Motel, but failed miserably, as the motel is only one story.


  1. My family purchased this motel back around 1974 or so. I used to run the switchboard and loved the kitchenettes. We also owned and operated westerner right down the street. Wonderful times as a kid in Colorado!!

    1. Hey, I'm a former radio newsman, now semi-retired deejay playing oldies. I'm doing a piece on Sue Lyon and the BB Motel. I'd love to interview someone from the Norem family.

  2. My band played at Freddie's right across the street (Kendall) around 1976-1981. We loved the Bugs Bunny. Sue Lyon stayed there when she was married to a convict in the State prison around 1973-74. Look her up on wiki. Or google "Sue Lyon" + "Bugs Bunny" for some funny stories. Here's a Freddies FB page. It was the hippest bar in Denver / Lakewood for quite a while, '71-'81